NO DARLING! What’s the guarantee or our life in the 1st place? Plus I can’t really ascertain if you will be doing the work right. So no this program are only for those who are dedicated to put their best selves, have faith and do their best as parents.

Our program is a complete system builds for mums by a mum and a neurodiverse person so ALL the support, guidelines, scientific teachings that your child needs will be provided. The 5 Pillars system is the most complete Autism Success Bible out there. We make sure you are supported, held accountable, find things simple and all the pillars that ensures brain development of your child.

We have worked with kids who are some of the most severe problem feeders like only pediasure drinkers and no solid food!! So I am very much confident your child is not a Martian that we can’t help.

Plus our 3 step system resolves the ROOT CAUSES of Picky eating. You won’t have to undergo extensive laborious cooking/ food play and other activities. As I said already…we Simplify to Amplify.

The Course portal for ATS 4MD is accessible to you for 6 MONTHS!! And by that time we see parents learn enough to be confident to carry on. Plus if you need help further you can always upgrade 😉 As you see in the investment section with only 2000$ more you can upgrade to 8MD. And later continue to do the same for the full year support. Which in our opinion is the BEST ALL ROUNDED and most Productive investment!!

Biomedical procedures are often run by “naturopaths” so they are not really medical doctor or medical healthcare system. It uses dozens of supplements that burdens the child’s system! Also various chemicals are used too, which is not natural and certainly cumbersome!

Contrarily we use only 5 Implements, 1 Probiotic (which is actually essential), 2 supplements to boost the detoxification process (which are Natural), a massage oil for external use and 1 supplement as brain booster. Our detoxifiers are the secret weapon that supports the body’s natural detox pathways and mechanism. No dependency on them is caused. After some months most of them are stopped ultimately.

According to market research you have already or is going to WASTE atleast 10,000USD which wont give you 10$ of results that is sustainable and effective!! So even with the Year Long program you will be invest less and get priceless results of having a child come back to regular life.

Gurante comes from GOD, from FOLLOW THROUGH, from staying PATIENT & PERSEVERING. Because the process of brain development & recovery like many other disorders relies on many factors. Here you are getting the most simplest and most effective guidelines. We have seen a minimum of 50% recovery even with the most old and severe kids/ child. So your investment is safe.

We have NLP, Trauma healing, Mindset sessions regularly which will change your beliefsystem, resolve root causes of fear etc. For eg. Most of our fear of failures are actually FEAR OF BEING JUDGED should we fail! Will you rather try ur best and help your child (who is your blood and flesh) a great start than let NAH Sayers have an upperhand in your life decisions?!!

When you joinus you will jot NEED TO DO ANY THERAPIES!! We will teach you things you need to help your child recover and develop. For that we advice the best is the long term programs.

It takes about 8-10 YEARS for a proven research to be included into text books so by the time a doctor starts practicing he/she is already on backdated knowledge mostly! Plus doctors don’t study gut health, nutrition and human health as a CONNECTED system.

Also very few healthcare professionals feels inclined to keep up and they are actually obligated to follow procedures to stay within Legal bindings. You can sue your doctors right!! That’s why they got to stick to their text book as insurance.

Do your own research. Checkup gut-brain axis and gut health on autism recovery and brain development.

The reason why this priceless program is only 3000/5000/7000 USD is because your healthcare professionals agents prescribing this. In future when this becomes established the prices will go UP and you would have lost the precious time that you could have utilized rather than waiting for your doc to make the decision for you my darling!!

As for advocates, they are not the Mother and father of YOUR child. Its your decision not theirs! Period.